Mapping Chronic Diseases in Italy: Trends from the last 20 years

Valentina Beretta - University of Pavia, Giovanni Crea -


Chronic diseases are among the main responsible of disease and death worldwide. An increasing share of annual healthcare expenditures is devoted to chronic conditions. Due to the ageing phenomenon, chronic diseases are among the most important health problems in Europe, and, in particular, in Italy. Data from Multiscopo survey system carried out by The Italian National Statistical Office (ISTAT) that report detailed information on the state of health of the Italians, on chronic illness, on health-risk factors and demographic and relative socioeconomic characteristics for the years 2000, 2005 and 2013 was used.  Descriptive statistic was used to analyze population-based prevalence and trends of chronic conditions across age, sex, and geographical location considering 16 chronic condition. Prevalence in multimorbidity was also explored considering age, sex and heath behaviors of population. Results show an increasing trend of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, with a sharp increase in fatal chronic conditions. Southern Italy presents a bigger increase in chronic conditions prevalence, with respect to Center and North Italy, after 2005.

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