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Economia Aziendale Online ... offers to academics, lecturers, business operators and students who are doing a doctorate or graduates, a qualified, unlimited and free space for the pulications of ideas, proposals, models, instruments and programmes which deals with specific themes of Economia Aziendale

Anyone can express their opinions and send innovative and creative papers for publication Online, as long as they are of interest to Economia Aziendale.


It is possible to contribute to the growth of Economia Aziendale Online in four different ways, we recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines.


Submitted works may be written in both Italian and English.


Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting, or if already registered can simply log in and begin the 5-step process.

Economia Aziendale Online is a site open to all who wish to make their contributions and who agree with the following Regulations;

  • collaboration is free, in both directions;
  • the works in the Papers section are open to everyone as long as they are related to themes of interest for Business Economics; the title page of the submitted text will mention the publication in the journal;
  • the site does not have a moderator or a censor; all Papers of specific interest for Economia Aziendale Online will be published, with the exclusion of those that, in the view of the Editorial Board, are held to be disrespectful, offensive, or not pertinent;
  • is a review registered at number 685 in the Newspaper section of Pavia Court; papers and other works published on this site can be added to the resumé, as they have full law validity;
  • each contribution is published along with the name of the Author(s) and the date of receipt; anonymous or pseudonymous Papers, or those sent with a fanciful name, will not be published;
  • every Author is also an Editor, maintains the copyright of his own writings, and is solely responsible for their authenticity and full availability; he can at any time withdraw or substitute the published papers;
  • the Papers are transmitted according to the Regulations specified in the various sections, which represent an integrant part of the general regulations;
  • the Comments on writings published in Economia Aziendale Online are reserved for, and transmitted directly to, the Authors, who can authorize their publication;
  • the Comments sent directly to the Editors will be published only if held to be of general interest;
  • Authors have to accept to publish the submitted paper in Economia Aziendale Online 2000 Web by email;
  • before submission, Authors are strongly recommended to verify the completeness of the references section with particular attention to papers already published in previous issues of this Journal;
  • published papers are divided into "Principles" which are proposed by full or associate professors, "Refereed papers" if papers have undergone the refereeing process, and "Working Papers" otherwise; in this case, the Editorial Board will process an editorial refereeing procedure;
  • Authors whose paper is published in Economia Aziendale Online accept to referee 2 (two) papers the Editorial Board will send them.
In order to satisfy the scientific feature characterizing the Review, the Editorial Board - on the basis of its judgment - will not consider for publication papers with a handbook orientation or without references.