Beyond the structural modelling for the analysis of organizational performances in the resilience management

Massimo Bianchi -


The aim of this paper is to examine and discuss the perspectives in the analysis of organizational performances emerging from the theoretical and applied studies on resilience management. In the non-standard situations of emergency, characterized by extreme challenges and by the submission of organizational structures and processes to severe stresses, it derives a model, useful to evaluate organizational performances, inspired to the concept of arena once proposed by Mintzberg. The target is to detect the latent aspects of organizational performances opposed to the manifest ones, concepts at the basis of Merton’s functionalism in the study of social structures. Both Authors, coming from different historical periods and experiences, could give a fruitful contribution to the renewal of managerial theories, whose complexity is expressed in last times by the Interpretive Structural Modelling, with an approach founded on the simplification of the evaluation methodology. This could open a new perspective for the study of the gap between real and perceived performance. To this aim it was examined the application of this approach to three cases of International Projects in Balkan countries having the purpose of improving the resilience of High Educational Systems after the dissolution of previous regimes and consequent civil wars.

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