The Integration in the European Banking System. Tendencies and Challenges for the Romanian Banks

Cristi Marcel Spulbăr - , Tatiana Spulbăr -


The banking history goes through a consolidation process, concretized by activities of acquisitions and fusions,because of the intensification of competition, both on the internal market and also internationally. In order to copewith the competition and to avoid the losses and even bankruptcy, the banking world series the ranks, accentuatingthe history of the banking systems reorganization can represent the starting point in the integration process of theRomanian banking system in the European banking system and can outline the main challenges for the Romanianbanks. The European integration will reorient the activity and the management of the great Romanian banks, becausethese will have to deal with the competition with the great financial European groups. As far as the small banks areconcerned, it will be necessary that they fusion or be acquired, being possible even to bankrupt if they will not beoriented toward a market niche with a very well specialized custom. The diversification of banking products andservices both for the corporatist custom and also for the natural persons but also for the state and local communities,the generalization of the use of IT technologies and complex data processing networks, the continual reduction of thecredit’s price and the development of consumption credit and the mortgage credit represents, in our thought, the maintendencies but also challenges for the Romanian banks found in the integration process in the European bankingsystem.

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