Fieldwork research and website research. Keyword ‘Occitan music’

Guido Raschieri


In the last few decades Northwestern Italy, particularly Piedmont and the interregional area closely connected with France, has seen the birth of a distinctive genre: the socalled Occitan Music. The first fieldwork about the folk sound expression in this area started between the 1960s and 1970s. Significant research was promoted in the context of Italian ethnomusicology which was then living a historic period of development. At the same time, the basis for surveys within the local space was established. The latter process led to an initial phase of cultural reappropriation, designed to point out the confines of a territorial and political identity. The interpretation of traditional heritage soon turned towards modern composition. Recent experiences maintain a symbolic bond with the original background have absorbed languages and communication tools from outside. The present work analyzes the results of this process, focusing on the increasing adoption of new media.

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