RegTech, the startups’ ecosystem operated by Swisscom

Luca Battanta - IULM University Milan, Italy, Francesca Magli - University of Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy


After the tremendous financial 2008 crisis, at the same time as the strong emergence of digital technologies and the end of banking secrecy, FinTech and RegTech start-ups are offering products related to the financial regulatory field.

This is particularly true for the Swiss financial market.

We desire to explore the start-ups map RegTech of Swisscom, the main Swiss IT/telecommunication company involved in regulatory technology.

We begin the scientific analysis through preliminary systematic review of the literature.

Today the literature on case studies in RegTech is not proposing any solution of cooperation or aggregation in Switzerland.

We started our exploration of the Swiss context in RegTech with a unique article about RegTech in Switzerland (Witz, 2019) and then we did an exploratory investigation through interviews and reviewing the website of the start-ups in RegTech field.  To explore the field, we find the Swisscom RegTech map: a successful aggregator of startups in Switzerland.

The objective of our contribution is to determine how Swiss start-ups, applying RegTech and cooperation with an Information technology and telecommunication company, can improve risk management, lower compliance costs in Switzerland especially in banks, and how they could develop Swiss financial market.


regtech, fintech, finance, banks, switzerland

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