The culture and sustainability of Italian wine: comparison between these two elements

Gloria Gilardoni - Department of Economics, University of Insubria (Varese)


The aim of the paper is to analyse the Italian wine sector with a particular attention to two main promotional determinant factors: the Italian wine culture and the Italian wine sustainability. The scope of the analysis is to verify how much certain elements influence the development of oenological economy. Wine culture defines both traditions and productive experiences linked to the territory combined with art and literature which, in the landscapes and human activities, have always found their sources of inspirations. So, considering this premise wine is a “medium” to cope the various elements interacting in the territorial frame. On the other hand, wine sustainability refers to general principles of environmental, social and economic safeguard and wellness referred to the wine world. The aim of this article is to focus the readers’ attention on the world of wine in Italy analysing strengths and weaknesses: the objective of study is the combination between culture and sustainability in both wine producing and marketing. A particular attention is given to sustainability in order to verify the importance of the topic in people’s common feelings as well as the awareness about sustainability is concerned. The article in the first part is mainly theoretical, with a comparison between the above-written elements, while in the second remarkable examples are presented.

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