Building and improving the resilience of enterprises in a time of crisis: from a systematic scoping review to a new conceptual framework

Monica Giancotti - Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Magna Graecia University, Viale Europa, Catanzaro, Marianna Mauro - Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro


The business environment is subject to continuous changes and puts pressure on enterprises to find effective ways to survive and develop. In this context, enterprises must build resilience to achieve long-term sustainability and to overcome unexpected events. In this paper, we present a systematic scoping review with the following aims: a) to identify and analyse any conceptual framework designed to develop and improve the resilience of enterprises and b) to identify resilience capabilities and corresponding strategies suggested inthe analysed frameworks and to reorganize them into a new integrated conceptual framework. Fifty-seven conceptual frameworks were selected and classified according to the topics investigated. A new integrated conceptual framework comprising specific resilience capabilities and associated resilience strategies was developed. The framework aims to support enterprises in the development and improvement of resilience in different phases of a crisis (prevent, protect, respond, recover, prevent).


Resilience; Conceptual Framework; Scoping Review; Enterprises.

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