Gender Dimension of Economic Decision-Making: Women on Top Management

Eka Sepashvili


Currently, national economies devote a great deal of attention to resource efficiency. In this regard, gender equality represents a key factor for unlocking the economic potential of nation states and for leveraging economic growth. Gender equality is not only about the protection of human rights, it is also about economic efficiency and economic development. Many economists and scientists do not pay any attention to these aspects, but still there are some of them who studied this problem and whose researches fairly proved crucial role of gender dimension for business development in the spheres where human resource and their efficiency do matter. The paper analyses data on women representation on top management and compares it with economic performance. The reasons and factors that impede or support women promotion are revealed and analysed. The paper concludes that other social factors - that are inseparable part of high level of human development level, and constitute social and cultural environment of the country, - are significantly influencing the gender equality in terms of economic performance.

The paper emphasise the importance of relevant legislation to promote women, and by the desk review and data analysis methods comes to the conclusion that special laws if they do not contain some measures of penalties to improve gender balance (at any level) have limited results and just facilitate and promote but do not ensure equality of women and men representation at any level.

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