Application of the Spiritual Laws in Quality Management

Suciu Titus - , Lidia Mandru - , Patrizia Gazzola -


The authors consider that in our days is very important for us to know the laws of universe. The fundamental contribution of the authors are the parallel between the laws of the universe and the concept of quality management. If one gets to understand and to practice these laws, one can reach self-knowledge and, ultimately, perfection. The most important laws of the universe are: law of love, law of forgiveness, law of mercy, law of blessing, law of rhythm, law of correspondence, law of attraction, law of learning. Leaders have to realize that personal example is the best way to determine the employees to adapt the behavior needed to improve the quality culture throughout the organization. A leader can not create a fairness and ethical model for behavior, establishing a culture of trust and integrity, being a positive example to employees without respecting and applying spiritual laws. For example, what would a leader be if not taking into account the law of cause and effect, knowing that we reap what we sow? How about respecting harmony law cause we have to treat the others the way we want to be treated? Each law is important in itself, as it represents a step towards self-knowledge and of the others...but together we can climb the steps towards knowledge and love.

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