Reproducing organizational networks in laboratory with mirror neurons perspective

Laura Tampieri - Bologna University, Department of Management Forlì School of Economics, Management and Statistics Piazzale della Vittoria, 15; 47121 Forlì (Italy)


The paper analyses the development of new organizational arrangements focusing on inter-organizational forms building and adopting the mirror neurons perspective.

This approach could be tested with the Practice Management (Simulimpresa) methodology, based on learning by doing, for two reasons: first, it consists in the reproduction of a real organization in a simulated environment and, secondly, it is a didactical methodology addressed to develop behaviours oriented to networks management.

The paper investigates the dynamics of internal and external ties developed by Perting, the Practice Firm established since2001 inBologna University, still in use for didactical and research purposes.

The hypothesis is concerning the existing of a correspondence between internal and external ties produced during experimentation. This would be an attempt to study the appliance of mirror neurons theories to the building of organizational forms starting from the virtual ones realized by Practice Management, as a way to facilitate the reproduction of organizations in the real world.

The findings point out that  intra-inter organizational ties developed by Perting in simulation laboratory seem to have a significant relation to new forms of organizing created by the symmetry real-simulated environment and as a structured feedback from managerial activities realized by participants.


Practice Management, Ties, Mirror Neurons, Organizational Networks

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