Claudio Battistini - Insubria University, Patrizia Gazzola - Insubria University


The entire process of Globalization is more and more considered as an opportunity for corporations to growth and exploit resources, knowledge and new markets worldwide. However managers and corporations are often under pressures from institutions and public opinion due to their irresponsible behavior, especially in less developed countries, which many authors described as “a global race to the bottom”, referring to the inability of creating long term entrepreneurial projects and sustainable development a global level preferring short term orientation and profit maximization. But, what are the reasons of such awareness beyond enterprises’ activity? Why is it important to understand their behavior in less developed countries as a key aspect for achieving a sustainable developed model? Are only the multinational corporations, able to dedicate resources and investments to CSR activities, responsible of such sustainable development model creation? This paper present a literature review about the relation of globalization and corporate social responsibility, trying to achieve conclusions in the field of a) the relations among firms’ dimensions and resources available to be dedicated to CSR activities and b) correlation among firms’ dimensions and the steady of evolution of CSR activity performed. We will therefore present an integration of two important model recognized in the international literature to show the steps in the CSR activities that lead firms to structures themselves and create a constant dialogue with stakeholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Globalization, Communication, Strategy, SME

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