Intrigues, Rivers, Dams and Navigation. A Parallel Study Of Aswan High Dam and Iron Gate System

Ciprian Beniamin Benea - , Adrian Baciu -


Two technical construction are put face to face. Two big construction which changed the conditions of navigation,pursuing in the same time energetical objectives are compared. The construction of one of them become the center ofa global crisis implying conflicts and big powers’ intervention; the construction of the other one started a process ofbilateral negotiation with regional significance. Both of them regard two vital interests of every state and society,with implication in the area of civilization: transportation and energy. But if on the Nile the construction impliedsocial movements and war, the fulfilling of Iron Gate System stands as an example of collaboration for theconstruction of a common project, for the benefits of all those implied in its construction; and it would be good for us(and for humankind) that in this moments, when we are aware of common interests and of advantages brought bytheir attaining in common, to look at the fulfilling of this System like at an example, in order to build together a morecivilized Europe and a better world.

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