New prospectives in inter-company relations, social responsibility (CSR) and social, ethical and environmental accounting in Italy by way of the government CSR-SC project: theory and praxis

Maria Gabriella Baldarelli -


In this paper we want to analyse, on the one hand upon company relations, especially to understand their importance from an evolutionary viewpoint. On the other hand, we will pause on the concept of social responsibility – both from the theoretical and empirical viewpoints – as well as on how this is translated into a process of social, ethical and environmental accounting and accountability (Gray, Owen, Adams, 2000; Contrafatto and Rusconi, 2005).The research method is a combination of taking part in operational workshops organized by different enthities such as Chamber of commerce of Rimini, Children of the world, discussion with managers of different enterprises socially responsible at Rimini and questionnaires.Focus of research is to understand: - how is it possible to connect CSR and networks?- that CSR at present means to operate by networks of for profit and not for profit organizations?- How government project CSR-SC contributes to disclose to social , ethical and environmental accountability ?Research is developing step, by step involving directly managers and consultants to let us understand and write directly the evolution of CSR and Accountability in enterprises and in the network of enterprises.

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