Managing the value of ecclesiastical heritage. The experience of some Italian Dioceses

Mara Del Baldo -


This paper proposes to offer an empirical example of the valorization experience of cultural heritage related to some Dioceses located in Marches Region.The research attempt is to demonstrate the boundaries and the opportunities of this project.The paper is articulated in four main parts.The first one synthetically shows the research and the literature framework as well as the different aims of the diocesan project.The second part describes the steps of the work, the nature of the activities and the specific characters of the different categories of patrimony, the financial and human resources that are nowadays involved.The third part includes a critical analysis of the managerial and operative process that has been adopted. What are the most important benefits? What is the best structure to govern “the network”? How manage the patrimony in respect with the religious aim of the ecclesiastic organization? Which option must be chosen? What are the most differences between this project and other private and public initiatives?Finally, the conclusion illustrates the most important “outputs” of the project, that can be considered innovative in the cultural context, and suggests some ideas, such us cultural enterprises, museum hubs (interdiocesan museums; museum of sacred art) and museum parks, that give people a versatile key to understanding, while respecting the different cultural and religious sensitivities.

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